Masterclass • Jonathan Barnbrook

Ecco la scaletta dello speech, inviataci direttamente da Jonathan Barnbrook.

“Dear Italianism,
this is the subject of my talk “Graphics & Music”.
I will discuss my work with Bowie, there are many thoughts contained within it:
Three of the album covers: Heathen, The Next Day, Blackstar.
For record covers:
How music and design relate.
How you can express emotion in letterforms in relation to music.
How not stating everything explicitly is the best way to design for music.
Why you should design a new typeface for the release of an album.
Going down to the detail of the typeface to explain the letterforms.
Why vinyl is more important than ever.
Blackstar design and designing a cover that works in different media from an email to a billboard in Times Square.
The death of the album the rise of the digital playlist.
The reaction from the public and the press to the covers.
Some alternative designs for the next day.
How record companies need to change, to understand that fans now need a meaningful relationship with the artist, not just be sold albums.
The relationship of the fan to the artist.
Use of open source in design and why it was important to give bowie graphics to the fans.
More personal:
How it was working with David Bowie
About his passing and the meaning to me.
About his passing and the meaning to the design.
I also do a very bad bowie impression in some parts of my speech.
For the exhibition at the V&A: David Bowie Is.
I was one of the curators so it is also about how you translate music into an exhibition and the graphics in the exhibition.
Berlin section – why I designed it that way.
Publicity – explanation of the design.
Role or merchandise in Museums.
And much more…
That is plenty for two hours!